The Holy Trinity

View of Holy Trinity's Altar from the Narthex

Four of nine Stained Glass Icons in Holy Trinity's upper levels



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Sunday Services
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Welcome to our Holy Church


The visitor to an Orthodox Church is usually impressed by the unique features and the external differences between this place of worship and those of the various traditions of Western Christianity.  The rich color,  distinctive iconography and beauty of the interior of an Orthodox Church generally are in sharp contrast to the simplicity which one finds in many Roman Catholic and Protestant Churches.   When one enters the interior of an Orthodox Church it is like stepping into an entirely different world of color and light.  The art and design of the Church not only create a distinctive atmosphere of worship but also reflect and embody many of the fundamental insights of Orthodoxy.

True tradition calls for a Church to be in one of three architectural designs.  The first is in the form of a cross,  symbolizing the Cross of our Lord.  The second is that of a long and tall building resembling a ship.  The ship,  or ark,  is where the faithful gather and journey towards the Kingdom with Christ at the helm.  The third,  and the design of Holy Trinity,  is a rotunda or large dome structure signifying unity and it's eternal purpose,  having no beginning or end as the Church was established by Christ Himself.  The design of our Church is based on the concept of a central dome representing God's Heaven supported by twelve columns representing the twelve disciples of Christ.  The traditional adornment of the interior depict the truths of His revelation with the saints of His Church all about.   Eastern Orthodox tradition calls for elaborate use of symbolism and iconography in the interior decoration of the Church building.

The icons and stained glass windows serve not as mere ornaments designed to decorate or make the Church look nice but have a theological and liturgical function to fulfill.  They are intended to serve as a point of meeting between Heaven and Earth.  As the congregation prays Sunday after Sunday,  Holy Day after holy Day surrounded by the figures of Christ,  the Angels and the Saints,  these visible symbols remind the faithful unceasingly of the invisible presence of God and of the whole company of Heaven at the Divine Liturgy and every time they enter their Church.

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